Getting over my bag…

I am pretty sure that the guy who stole my bag on Sunday while I was enjoying the most relaxing day ever, is now having a good time with a)my money b)my mobile phone 3)my digital camera.  And, of course, he has probably offered his girlfriend my beautiful, essential, little Prada bag  AND Prada wallet, very precious to me as it contained many bits and pieces of my life, like loved passport sizes pictures, my very private notes, various little lucky charms that I normally like to bring along , and so on.

I don’t own all this any more, it’s really bad, and I have been furious for a while, but, hey, I am trying to get over it now, what else to do?

So, when it comes to bags, I have one believe, which is: Prada comes first, Gucci second, and everyone else follows from a distance. I know, it must be because I am italian!

I have heard a theory according to which your bag should be proportioned to your hight, as in a ‘petite’ looks better with a small bag like a clutch, while tall ladies should prefer larger bags like totes. Well, it makes sense to me, but only if you are really petite or, the other way round, very, very tall. For everything else in between I don’t think there is a rule, really….

 As for me, generally I like to wear larger bags during the summer, and smaller bags during the winter, when there are already so many layers on me, so to balance the total look. 

Printed bags are really in fashion now,  as you can tell by this selection of bags that  I would just  buy, right on the spot.prada,clutch

Ciao ciao xxx

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