Beach Philosophy

As I am no poet, I am just unable to describe how much I love being under the sun, in front of the sea, lying on warm sand… So I will just say that to me going to the beach is always an experience of pure happiness and absolute freedom.

As such, I can’t even imagine wearing anything more complicated than a top, a pair of shorts and simple, nice flip flops.

To get the best out of my day on the beach I like to get organized, and make sure I don’t leave at home any of the fundamental items I will need, like sunglasses, camera, sunblock , after tan  perfumed oil (like huile satine’ by Clarins), and obviously my favourite music.

In the picture: bikini by La Perla, bag by Miss Sixty, flip flops by ViaMaestra, shorts by Fornarina, beach towel by PoloRalphLauren.

Ciao xxx

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