Bikinis, Bikinis, Bikinis!

Do you know the old phrase used by property experts that goes ”location, location, location”?

Well, I believe nothing is more appropriate than that when talking about summer and bikinis.

Splendid white-sand beaches and transparent emerald waters are the perfect background for swimwear campaigns, as proved by H&M’s 2012 collection  ads, recently covering the walls of many cities around the world. The photos are really amazing…by looking at them all you want to do is pack your bag and fly to a tropical, warm and colorful destination.


HM-Swimwear campaign-2012

It’s incredible how a simple (and affordable) black bikini can look so gorgeous just with the right accessories and a perfect golden tan.

As for what you can get from Italy when it comes to bikinis,  Calzedonia is definitely the most well known beachwear brand, with a shop in nearly every corner, and all really busy at this time of the year.



Calzedonia collection is so wide that offers an almost unlimited choice of shapes, cuts, prints and colours, able to satisfy everyone’s taste, and always in line with the latest trends.


Next to Calzedonia another really widespread and fashionable bikini brand  is Yamamay



Talking about trends, this year most favourite bikini top style is bandeaus tops, super sexy, yes, but only possible if you are a small size. Frills, ruffles and fringes are very fashionable  and can really help adding fullness to your figure should you need it! Prints of all types, flower prints, abstract prints, metallic prints, are also a dominant trend in 2012 beachwear collections.



One piece bikini or monokini can be very sexy, but the downside of it is a very awkward tan-line.


Some designers are suggesting a vintage look with high-wasted bikinis, following the path of high-wasted shorts that have so much come back in fashion since last year. Pin-up Stars, another italian bechwear brand, has designed a really cool bikini collection.



Summer is here, ladies,and  holidays are just around the corner, which means the time has come for you to dive into deep blue waters, lay on warm sand , and think about absolutely nothing….enjoy!

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