Just the best from Milan

Oh, it’s fashion week again in Milan and again the city is bubbling with glamour, celebrities and parties everywhere.

Fashionistas from all over the planet have been waiting in expectation, eager to know in what amazing ways Italian designers will surprise them one more time. The shows are many, and many are the gorgeous  outfits that we have seen on the catwalk.

Very chic and sexy at the same time the short dresses presented by Byblos, definitely  I could do with one of each for next summer…




Short length dresses and skirts are  going to be a must. Giorgio Armani ‘s version is as usual very classy, soft and feminine, absolutely lovely:




Short pants too will still be a big trend. Here is a very cool, colorful outfit with shorts, by Roccobarocco.


Another  amazing outfit  in total-white by the same designer:


If you like the sheerness and translucency of lace  you will not be disappointed, there is going to be a lot of it next year. This sensual gipsy-inspired outfit is also by Roccobarocco:

Roccobarocco-spring-summer 2013-b

Lace also for Versace, who combines it with leather and silk to create very interesting, extravagant designs, dedicated to a woman who is both “strong and fragile”,  as Donatella declared. The total look, including knee-high gladiator boots,  is really sexy….



But most of us will not go to this excess, right? Anteprima presented a very wearable collection, without failing to be sophisticated and stylish. These are my favourite outfits from Anteprima’s collection:



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