Summer colors

Ahh, summer! Once again fashion, summer, colors, and trends are overwhelmingly tickling the desire to revitalize. Time to kick away the dark shades in your closet and switch to brighter and lighter colors. This can be  sometimes challenging, but you shouldn’t be scared of wearing summer colors. There are numerous reasons to feel good about the exquisite switch. Just slip on something a little brighter and lighter and see for yourself.

From the boardwalk to the catwalk, vivid  shades are summer’s latest trends. Go glam with these fresh saturated summer colors.

For a pop of playfulness, bring in a coral, peachy palette to your summer collection.  Add elements of whimsy and fun to your look with a coral outfit, like a peach bold dress combined with a big banded watch, lace up coral stilettos, and bright nails and lips (coral combines very well with neutral tones).

rinascimento coral dress collage

Poppy Red
This is a sensual, seductive and celebratory shade. Whether it’s a knockout dress or a pair of sexy stilettos, every women’s wardrobe essentials should include it. Poppy Red  is perfect for monochromatic looks.  Be careful when adding accessories to complement your red outfit, as this is a strong color that will get you a lot of attention on its own – so you need to  be minimalistic with all the rest.


Lemon Zeal

This peppy, effervescent hue brings out a zesty taste with its refreshing and soothing greenish cast. The easiest and best way to wear this shade is through colourful printed tops, T-shirts or fit and flare one piece dresses.

lemon dress

A bright, bubbling citrus orange with coral undertones, this color provides a piquant burst of flavour to a look. Although this shade is bright, it still has a softness to it. Look  for  tops and blouses in this juicy tint to add a vibrant look to your wardrobe in an unexpected way.

Dusk Blue
This is the newest pastel tone!  A serene shade  that works best with flow and fluid silhouettes. If an all blue attire is too much for you, look for stripes in this shade or digital prints with a classic shirt silhouette or a pair of shorts. For an unusual look, you might pair it with intense orange.

Dazzling Blue

Dazzling Blue it is a strong color with an intense energy.  A shade that can be sophisticated and eccentric  at once, especially when it is combined with black.

Pois Long Blue dress collage

This jewel shade looks spectacular on dresses – banded, lacy, sequined, side draped and sculpted.

Rinascimento Emerald Dress

Tender Shoots
Tender Shoots, a vibrant yellow-green shade, like the first signs of spring, is an active, invigorating and cheerful color, that will enhance the beauty of your glowing tan.  To make a powerful style statement, slide into a silk chiffon dress in this amazingly trendy color.


Neutral tones are also  great during summer. Neutrals are rich  of  shades and variations,  and can be skillfully  mixed and matched  to achieve many different looks .  Neutral tones work always well with white, but you may as well  mix your neutrals with  bright shades to create a unique look with a harmonious balance

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