Blue is the new black

Blue is the new black this season- designers around the world have decided. Forget about that very classic feel of navy blue: the newest shades have a multitudes of variation: from denim blue to blue-grey, from royal blue to ultramarine. Variations of blue are actually easier to combine that navy blue: white, off-white, beige and grey are perfect with most blue shades, and while ultramarine and black is a bold and super trendy colour match you might have never thought of, aero blue has a timeless charm, and will add a touch of sophistication to all your outfits. When it comes to dresses, blue can be sexy in a more subtle way that black, and a blue dress always carries along a sense of elegance. You cannot really go wrong with a blue dress. So if you have a doubt on what to wear this coming season, here is a good hint: swap your little black dress for a little blue dress – and easily achieve that trendy and at once effortlessly chic look that you just love.
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Season’s essentials : the jumpsuit

Spotted on the streets of New York, London and Milan, jumpsuits  are this year’s  favourite piece for fashionistas around the world. This is an absolute wardrobe essential, and a real statement piece, which can make every woman stand out from the crowd. In  denim, cotton, or satin, colourful, in patterns, floral, or monochrome, many are the versions of this fabulous garment and you can surely find the right fit and style for you. What I particularly like about jumpsuits is the fact that you can take them from day to night just by using the right accessories. On top of that, jumpsuits  are very stylish and extremely comfortable at the same time. If you are still wondering if you need a jumpsuit don’t forget to check our Italian collection, you could find the perfect, stylish jumpsuit for you !

Dare to Wear: the heels & socks look

As seen on most fashion shows (and on almost all fashion blogs) one the trendiest ways to compliment in style your outfit  this season is using the nerdy combination of heels plus socks. We know that having a hint of socks peeking out from your shoes can seem totally weird, but it is actually a look very stylish! There are many different ways to  perform this combination with great results. Use knee-line, light-coloured socks  with pumps if you love wearing mini skirts in order to achieve an unpredictable sexy look; go for short heavy weight texture socks showing from your ankle boots for a cozy-casual look; combine a white, light, version of this unusual fashion accessory with platforms or peep-toe hells for a perfectly contemporary chic style.

Now that you know how, would you dare the look?

socks+heels 1 socks+heels2shoes +heels 5 sock+heels 3 socks+heels 4 socks+heels 6

Summer colors

Ahh, summer! Once again fashion, summer, colors, and trends are overwhelmingly tickling the desire to revitalize. Time to kick away the dark shades in your closet and switch to brighter and lighter colors. This can be  sometimes challenging, but you shouldn’t be scared of wearing summer colors. There are numerous reasons to feel good about the exquisite switch. Just slip on something a little brighter and lighter and see for yourself.

From the boardwalk to the catwalk, vivid  shades are summer’s latest trends. Go glam with these fresh saturated summer colors.

For a pop of playfulness, bring in a coral, peachy palette to your summer collection.  Add elements of whimsy and fun to your look with a coral outfit, like a peach bold dress combined with a big banded watch, lace up coral stilettos, and bright nails and lips (coral combines very well with neutral tones).

rinascimento coral dress collage

Poppy Red
This is a sensual, seductive and celebratory shade. Whether it’s a knockout dress or a pair of sexy stilettos, every women’s wardrobe essentials should include it. Poppy Red  is perfect for monochromatic looks.  Be careful when adding accessories to complement your red outfit, as this is a strong color that will get you a lot of attention on its own – so you need to  be minimalistic with all the rest.


Lemon Zeal

This peppy, effervescent hue brings out a zesty taste with its refreshing and soothing greenish cast. The easiest and best way to wear this shade is through colourful printed tops, T-shirts or fit and flare one piece dresses.

lemon dress

A bright, bubbling citrus orange with coral undertones, this color provides a piquant burst of flavour to a look. Although this shade is bright, it still has a softness to it. Look  for  tops and blouses in this juicy tint to add a vibrant look to your wardrobe in an unexpected way.

Dusk Blue
This is the newest pastel tone!  A serene shade  that works best with flow and fluid silhouettes. If an all blue attire is too much for you, look for stripes in this shade or digital prints with a classic shirt silhouette or a pair of shorts. For an unusual look, you might pair it with intense orange.

Dazzling Blue

Dazzling Blue it is a strong color with an intense energy.  A shade that can be sophisticated and eccentric  at once, especially when it is combined with black.

Pois Long Blue dress collage

This jewel shade looks spectacular on dresses – banded, lacy, sequined, side draped and sculpted.

Rinascimento Emerald Dress

Tender Shoots
Tender Shoots, a vibrant yellow-green shade, like the first signs of spring, is an active, invigorating and cheerful color, that will enhance the beauty of your glowing tan.  To make a powerful style statement, slide into a silk chiffon dress in this amazingly trendy color.


Neutral tones are also  great during summer. Neutrals are rich  of  shades and variations,  and can be skillfully  mixed and matched  to achieve many different looks .  Neutral tones work always well with white, but you may as well  mix your neutrals with  bright shades to create a unique look with a harmonious balance

How to rock in floral prints

Girls love to wear floral prints because they look very feminine. With their vibrant colors and design, floral prints can be very eye-catching and will definitely help you make a fashion statement. To create a good outfit with floral prints you need to match them with a solid neutral shade only, like black or grey, and keep your accessories very minimalistic.

Florals were seen all around during the summer, but who said the floral look is good for Spring and Summer only?  The new Rinascimento Fall/Winter collection just out now offers a wide variety of beautiful dresses in floral prints. Although florals are always very ladylike, you can easily make it more edgy by paring it with a cool short leather jacket, and stylish platform shoe boots, just like this:



Rinascimento Rose Dress



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The perfect party dress

When choosing the perfect party dress, especially for a cocktail, we all tend to get anxious. However, you need not get stressed.  Get inspiration at our online shop  (you can find amazing cocktail dresses and evening dresses only made in Italy, at very reasonable price)  and follow these simple tips:
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1. Determine the perfect color

Consider the colors that accent your best features. For example, if you have olive-colored or brown skin, dresses which are jewel toned would look great on you. A skin with pink and red undertones would look amazing with peach colors, while one with bluish undertones would be perfect in a teal shade or royal blue. Consider also your hair and eye color when choosing your perfect party dress.  And, last but not least, you should also think about the mood of the party when making a decision about what color you will be wearing.

2. Consider the fabric of the dress

While the color of a dress may accentuate your natural features and beauty, a low-quality fabric is always noticeable –  you should always go for quality materials when buying a dress. And always make sure that the fabric you choose will look good on your body.

3. Focus on your body shape

Low neckline and spaghetti straps  work well with slender figures.  Pick low-cut, square-necked dresses instead, if you would like to minimize your volumes. A fitted dress with a full coverage neckline will bring attention to your waist. If you choose a strappy dress, a thinner strap would minimize your bust while a wider strap would offer more support. If you have a bit of a tummy, go for empire-line or flared dresses.  Choose a bodycon dress if you have a curvy and sexy figure. If you have an hour-glass body type, keep the neckline modest and highlight your small waist with a belt or banded dress that hits right above your knee. An athletic body should be dressed in a simple silhouette such as a shift dress, or one-shoulder dress that shows off your arms and legs. And if you are a “petite”, you should show off your figure with a slim fitting dress that has its hemline hiked up.

4. Choose matching accessories

Complete your  outfit   adding trendy accessories. Necklaces, bracelets, rings and obviously a perfect pair of matching shoes  will complement your dress,  and make your look stand out even more.

missmiss frill dress collage

rinascimento amina dress collage fb

rinascimento chain dress fb goes live!


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Heels we love…

Nothing can turn on a woman charm better than a nice pair of heels.  Shoes can tell a lot about us, and high heels in particular are a real powerful tool in the game of seduction. So, girls, don’t forget  to stock up on stilettos , more than ever during these festive season, to be perfectly organized for every special occasion that will require you to be sexy and glamorous!
I absolutely love the elegant extravagance of Jimmy Choo’s creations : design, colors and  details never fail to impress me.  Ankle boots covered in studs and strass, just amazing!  Sky-high  heels  that turn heads!


And how about these gorgeous pumps in lace with floral motifs?  The perfect  choice for  a special night, I would say….


One of this season’s  most imaginative model  comes from Alberto Guardiani,  the exquisite Italian shoe brand.  I  am talking about the amazing Flutterby shoes,  designed by Lady San Pedro, who was the winner of the “Cinderthriller” contest  launched by Guardiani.  In red suede, these shoes feature heels in a surprising and beautiful shape of a butterfly, hand painted in black and white. I think they are absolutely gorgeous, and I love the contrast between the simple line of the “décolleté” and the complex motif on the heels,  altogether a  very glamorous concept. Have you ever dreamt about having wings ? Now you can wear them, on your feet!


by Alessia Capone

Best dresses of the year: and the winners are….

Are you ready to see the best dresses of the year? Of course the person who will judge is going to be…me!



Since I love princesses and happy ending fairy tales, on top of my list I will put Kate Middleton in her beautiful dress by Jenny Packham. She definitely looks like a modern Cinderella, smiling gracefully while she walks on the red carpet in her long, light-blue gown, perfectly matching both the clutch bag and the earrings. Is she really pregnant, as reported by many UK magazines?  What a sophisticated mom she would make!




This dress by Marchesa was photographed one too many times by the paparazzi, since it was worn by two of the sexiest Hollywood actresses, Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway.  Sorry Kristen, but this stunning black lace dress looks so much better on Anne. I love the ribcage design featured up the back, as well as the sheer lace skirt, although you must have really amazing legs to wear it!


Taylor -Swift-in- Zuhair-Murad


Taylor Swift looks stunning in this short sequined dress by Zuhair Murad. That’s how she stole the spotlight on the red carpet at the 2012 American Music Awards just a few days ago. The gold dress is amazing, and matches really well both the pulled-back hair style and the earrings. Red nail polish gives the final exquisite touch to this knock-out look.




Described by the New York Times as the ultimate style icon, gorgeous model Miranda Kerr looks like a real diva even when she just takes a stroll. Her day dress by Victoria Beckham  becomes even sexier worn with the Lanvin dusty rose shoes.  The Prada belt is the must-have accessory in order to be fashionable in any occasion, and if it’s still sunny outside, the brown Miu Miu sunglasses will come in handy, matching perfectly the baby blue handbag by Prada.

What’s your favorite choice, ladies? Can’t wait to know!

Krizia Ribotta

Bring on the camo!

I don’t think I need  to tell you how much camouflage prints are in fashion right now, surely you must have already heard that.  Army style is one of the main trends for this coming season,  although it is definitely not the first time that camo prints rise  from second-hand shops to high street fashion. Unfortunately camouflage prints are not so easy to wear, and don’t look good on everyone…In fact, beside being obviously very masculine, any camo prints can  easily tone down the rest of your outfit. This is the reason why the best way to wear camo is to  dress it up with a nice and elegant pair of heels. I also like the idea of combining army style with neutrals or delicate colours , like pale pink, and balancing the look with something very  feminine, like a short skirt. Last but not least, always use accessories to soften your army look; any gold accessory will match camouflage prints perfectly. Here you go,  now you are ready for the military trend … camo with no fears!

camo collage