The perfect party dress

When choosing the perfect party dress, especially for a cocktail, we all tend to get anxious. However, you need not get stressed.  Get inspiration at our online shop  (you can find amazing cocktail dresses and evening dresses only made in Italy, at very reasonable price)  and follow these simple tips:
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1. Determine the perfect color

Consider the colors that accent your best features. For example, if you have olive-colored or brown skin, dresses which are jewel toned would look great on you. A skin with pink and red undertones would look amazing with peach colors, while one with bluish undertones would be perfect in a teal shade or royal blue. Consider also your hair and eye color when choosing your perfect party dress.  And, last but not least, you should also think about the mood of the party when making a decision about what color you will be wearing.

2. Consider the fabric of the dress

While the color of a dress may accentuate your natural features and beauty, a low-quality fabric is always noticeable –  you should always go for quality materials when buying a dress. And always make sure that the fabric you choose will look good on your body.

3. Focus on your body shape

Low neckline and spaghetti straps  work well with slender figures.  Pick low-cut, square-necked dresses instead, if you would like to minimize your volumes. A fitted dress with a full coverage neckline will bring attention to your waist. If you choose a strappy dress, a thinner strap would minimize your bust while a wider strap would offer more support. If you have a bit of a tummy, go for empire-line or flared dresses.  Choose a bodycon dress if you have a curvy and sexy figure. If you have an hour-glass body type, keep the neckline modest and highlight your small waist with a belt or banded dress that hits right above your knee. An athletic body should be dressed in a simple silhouette such as a shift dress, or one-shoulder dress that shows off your arms and legs. And if you are a “petite”, you should show off your figure with a slim fitting dress that has its hemline hiked up.

4. Choose matching accessories

Complete your  outfit   adding trendy accessories. Necklaces, bracelets, rings and obviously a perfect pair of matching shoes  will complement your dress,  and make your look stand out even more.

missmiss frill dress collage

rinascimento amina dress collage fb

rinascimento chain dress fb

Bring on the camo!

I don’t think I need  to tell you how much camouflage prints are in fashion right now, surely you must have already heard that.  Army style is one of the main trends for this coming season,  although it is definitely not the first time that camo prints rise  from second-hand shops to high street fashion. Unfortunately camouflage prints are not so easy to wear, and don’t look good on everyone…In fact, beside being obviously very masculine, any camo prints can  easily tone down the rest of your outfit. This is the reason why the best way to wear camo is to  dress it up with a nice and elegant pair of heels. I also like the idea of combining army style with neutrals or delicate colours , like pale pink, and balancing the look with something very  feminine, like a short skirt. Last but not least, always use accessories to soften your army look; any gold accessory will match camouflage prints perfectly. Here you go,  now you are ready for the military trend … camo with no fears!

camo collage



Venice Film Festival: glamour and style

Venice is definitely one of the most amazing cities in the world. It’s unique and has an incomparable charm. With its magnificent architecture and fascinating landscape, Venice  is so beautiful that it almost seems unreal. I have been there a couple of times, and always got the feeling of being in a fairytale scenery.


Every year in September this incredible city becomes even more magical, with worldwide celebrities and Hollywood’s most beautiful people boarding on the “gondolas” to reach the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival.

In the past few days stars the likes of Kate Hudson, Naomi Watts, and Latitia Casta have impressed an international audience with glamorous gowns by the world’s most famous designers. Weren’t  Dolce & Gabbana and Versace this year’s favourites?


(Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival))

Sumptuously dressed at night and totally stylish in day time. I absolutely love this look in which Naomi Watts has been spotted strolling through the little, enchanting Venetian alleys. I think everything is perfect here, the very simple and très chic short black dress, the leather gladiator sandals, the cream color glasses, the Prada bag, and, best of all, the super cute Panama hat!


Letters to Juliet: it’s not Hollywood fantasy, it’s a fact


I guess everybody read at least once in his/her life the classic tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare. This romance became a blockbuster  movie back in 1996, rated 6.8 out of 10 stars on the IMDB website. How could one forget the loving angel played by Claire Danes or the best Romeo in the movie history, who was a young, sweet but sexy Leonardo di Caprio?


The wonderful and tragic tale is set in Verona, the very beautiful and historic Italian city.  Many tourists, especially couples, come to the city to visit both Juliet’s house and tomb. They take pictures with her statue, which is located in the garden, under the balcony that became the symbol of love. They also leave notes and letters on the wall, as a sort of good luck charm for their relationship. Next to these, there are also the thousands of letters that lovers from all over the world keep on sending by mail to the heroine hoping for her blessing.


All the letters, both the one left in Verona and the one mailed, are taken care of by a club born in 1980 named The Juliet Club.  The object of the club is to read and answer all the letters that start with the classical formula “Cara Giulietta” (Dear Juliet), which are not sent to a specific address, but simply to “Juliet, Verona”. It is not clear how these letters reach the right place: it looks like they find their way, that’s it.

As not all of the letters are in Italian, the volunteers sometimes need the help of translators. The government of Verona supports the organization, since it’s recognized, paying for stationery and postage. Unfortunately the stamps are not always enough, due to the huge number of mail received. It looks like the Giuliette (that’s how the volunteers are called, Juliet’s secretaries) get more than 5,000 letters each year, plus  there are thousands of notes left behind at Juliet’s house and near her tomb.

The letters’ topic, of course, always deal with love: lost, gained, sought, past, new. People feel like they need someone to talk to, someone who lived a true and very deep love. They think she is the only one who can understand them, as most of them write in their letters.

All of the letters are handwritten, and no one is printed from a computer. There is also the chance to send an e-mail, but only 10% of the messages are sent from an e-mail account instead of a mailbox.

The Juliet Club became even more famous when the movie Letters to Juliet starring Amanda Seyfried was released two years ago. Ironically, the audience thought that the whole story was a set up, so people went to check on the Internet. By Googling “The Juliet Club”, they found out to their surprise that the club does really exists! The only difference is that in the movie the secretaries have a proper office, while in the reality they have a little red-brick office next to the railway tracks.


This work actually comes with great responsibilities, since it is not always easy to give suggestions to people the volunteers have no idea who they are. Moreover, most of the time the stories are complicated, strange, and even paranormal.

In the end, nothing seems strange to the Giuliette anymore, they are all open-minded and  know how to deal with lovers from all over the word.

And you, what are you waiting for to write your letter? You definitely won’t regret it.

By Krizia Ribotta

Bikinis, Bikinis, Bikinis!

Do you know the old phrase used by property experts that goes ”location, location, location”?

Well, I believe nothing is more appropriate than that when talking about summer and bikinis.

Splendid white-sand beaches and transparent emerald waters are the perfect background for swimwear campaigns, as proved by H&M’s 2012 collection  ads, recently covering the walls of many cities around the world. The photos are really amazing…by looking at them all you want to do is pack your bag and fly to a tropical, warm and colorful destination.


HM-Swimwear campaign-2012

It’s incredible how a simple (and affordable) black bikini can look so gorgeous just with the right accessories and a perfect golden tan.

As for what you can get from Italy when it comes to bikinis,  Calzedonia is definitely the most well known beachwear brand, with a shop in nearly every corner, and all really busy at this time of the year.



Calzedonia collection is so wide that offers an almost unlimited choice of shapes, cuts, prints and colours, able to satisfy everyone’s taste, and always in line with the latest trends.


Next to Calzedonia another really widespread and fashionable bikini brand  is Yamamay



Talking about trends, this year most favourite bikini top style is bandeaus tops, super sexy, yes, but only possible if you are a small size. Frills, ruffles and fringes are very fashionable  and can really help adding fullness to your figure should you need it! Prints of all types, flower prints, abstract prints, metallic prints, are also a dominant trend in 2012 beachwear collections.



One piece bikini or monokini can be very sexy, but the downside of it is a very awkward tan-line.


Some designers are suggesting a vintage look with high-wasted bikinis, following the path of high-wasted shorts that have so much come back in fashion since last year. Pin-up Stars, another italian bechwear brand, has designed a really cool bikini collection.



Summer is here, ladies,and  holidays are just around the corner, which means the time has come for you to dive into deep blue waters, lay on warm sand , and think about absolutely nothing….enjoy!

Marilyn Monroe: celebrating the enduring Hollywood icon


As everyone knows once you die, you become even more famous. It happened to all the artists who passed away, because this is just the way it goes. This year is the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death, and her memory is still celebrated around the world.

Florence, London, Cannes, New York, Los Angeles,: these cities have hosted or are still hosting glittering exhibitions paying tribute to the “dumb blonde”,  as Marilyn was often called after her roles in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) and How to Marry a Millionaire (1953).


In Italy the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum in Florence is now hosting the exhibit  “Marilyn”, celebrating the actress as both a fashion and style icon. As many other stars do, Marilyn loved Ferragamo shoes. The exhibition includes 30 pairs of  her shoes, and more than 50 outfits belonging to the unforgettable actress.

marilyn-monroe marilyn-exhibition-ferragamo

In London a great exhibit showed Marilyn’s famous dresses and costumes as well as some original videos. It closed last month, and it was a great chance for both fans and curious visitors to look back at the life of one of the world’s most enduring icons.

my-week-with-marilynThe latest edition of Cannes Film Festival celebrated Marilyn by featuring her image on its official promotional poster. The photo, taken by Otto L. Bettmann,  introduced the movie My Week with Marilyn, starring the Oscar-nominated Michelle Williams (Dawson’s Creek, Brokeback Mountain, Shutter Island). A new line of diamond jewelry by Chopard inspired by  Marilyn was also launched during the Festival. The new collection  is connected to the exhibit  “Marilyn Forever“, displaying 25 unpublished photos of the actress. The shots were taken by Milton H. Greene, and were selected from his archive of 4,000 Marilyn photos. It seems to be a very interesting exhibit, and since it will tour the world until the end of the year, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit it.

Let’s move to the USA: opened on May 31st in New York, “Marilyn & Me” is Lawrence Schiller’s first solo exhibition in the country. It shows over 50 photos of Marilyn Monroe, many of which were taken on the set of her last movie, Something’s Got To Give, which was never completed.

On the east coast, in Los Angeles, “Marilyn Monroe: The Exhibit – An Intimate Look At The Legend (1926-1962)” opened June 1st at the Hollywood Museum. It holds one of the largest collections of authentic Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. Totally devoted to this star, in 2006, the owner of the museum decided to place her sculpture in front of the building. The museum is the perfect venue for such an exhibition: it is inside the Max Factor Building, the same place where, as the Museum Founder and President Donelle Dadigan said, “many years ago, Max Factor gave Marilyn Monroe her famous blonde hair”.

By Krizia Ribotta

Happy Valentine’s from Winter Wonderland

It has been snowing and snowing and snowing all over Italy in the past days and as this is not exactly a typical weather for this mediterranean land, we have all been surprised and enchanted by the beauty of the urban landscape suddenly transformed in a white winter wonderland. snow in milansnow in milan parco sempione

snow in rome

Such a perfect, romantic background for Valentine’s day!



Romantic, amazing, but cold , and I am never happy when I am cold! Luckily, there are so many winter accessories that we can use to keep warm, and, trust me, I have them all ! Scarves are definitely the most fashionable winter accessory this season, especially  bright coloured maxi scarves.  Colorful accessories in general are really trendy right now,  marvellous to face the cold and make the winter brighter… This outfits by Dior, really  warm and colourful, are just perfect for the coldest days of the year…

christian dior a/w 2011christian dior 2

This cutie here is also very accessorized for winter….

cutest ever!

Hope you are having an amazing , romantic , sexy Valentine’s Day !!!!


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