Blue is the new black

Blue is the new black this season- designers around the world have decided. Forget about that very classic feel of navy blue: the newest shades have a multitudes of variation: from denim blue to blue-grey, from royal blue to ultramarine. Variations of blue are actually easier to combine that navy blue: white, off-white, beige and grey are perfect with most blue shades, and while ultramarine and black is a bold and super trendy colour match you might have never thought of, aero blue has a timeless charm, and will add a touch of sophistication to all your outfits. When it comes to dresses, blue can be sexy in a more subtle way that black, and a blue dress always carries along a sense of elegance. You cannot really go wrong with a blue dress. So if you have a doubt on what to wear this coming season, here is a good hint: swap your little black dress for a little blue dress – and easily achieve that trendy and at once effortlessly chic look that you just love.
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Fashion disaster in Cannes….

Ouch!  Stepping out  to a glamorous party just to find out that you are wearing the same dress as someone else! Not nice at all.

It happened few days ago in Cannes when both Victoria Silvsted and Bar Refaeli showed up at a Roberto Cavalli party wearing the same sequined nude dress by Cavalli.

But who has not experienced one of those ugly accidents? I can remember this happening to me at least once. It was years ago, at a wedding in Florence. I had spent hours and hours shopping around for the right dress, and finally set my mind over a black Max Mara dress simply decorated with a gorgeous golden chain belt. I was very happy with my choice, so you can imagine how I felt  then at the wedding, when I had to realize that someone else was wearing what was now MY,  just MY, dress! The thing is, we ladies want to be unique all the time, right? 

ciao ciao….

Hope you had a lovely Easter….

Hello…yes, I know I am a bit late on this but I still want to say I hope you all had a

 lovely time  during this Easter break…

In Italy Easter generally marks the real beginning of spring, with beautiful sunny days to be spent out and about. There are  lots of traditions associated with Easter, but I bet everyone’s favourite is the Easter chocolate egg, which hides a “surprise”. This is a gift small enough to fit in the egg’s chocolate shell, and it’s value varies according to the price of the egg.

The most expensive Easter egg ever ? It was produced in 2006, and was on the market for the sum of 100.000 $. No wonder nobody ever bought it, although it had diamonds studded on.

Fancy designers Easter eggs? Keep it in mind for next year, Giorgio Armani has created his own Easter chocolate egg, obviously made of the finest chocolate, with the surprise being a decorative piece from Armani Casa. Not to miss out this opportunity, also Roberto Cavalli has produced quite beautiful Easter eggs in different animalier designs. Well, there are no limits to style….

ciao ciao!