Alta Roma Alta Moda: the Italian haute couture

Last chance yesterday to attend Alta Roma Alta Moda 2012 in Rome. This was the second annual appointment in Rome in order to celebrate the fashion week and the exceptional designers who were there presenting their work. After the big success back in January, the Italian capital got ready to be the perfect backdrop again for this event, which is now celebrating its 19th edition.

This summer edition started on the 8th of July and ended yesterday, giving a great opportunity for fashion lovers and journalists to meet several designers who showed their personal creations for the next fall-winter 2012-2013 collection.


Raffaella Curiel, Renato Balestra, Giada Curti, Sarli, Tony Ward are only some of the brands you were able to find at Alta Roma Alta Moda, with collections all inspired by laces, decorations, sequins, crystals, and details aimed at expressing elegance, charm and prestige.  Fabrics too, of course, were as gorgeous as ever, contributing to add glamour and sensuality to the designers’ creations, for both night and day wear.


The two most classic colors, black and white, underline one more time luxury, especially when they are not combined together but paired instead with brown, orange, yellow, light blue and violet. Pleated trousers or knee-length skirts are two of our favourite designs among the creations presented in Rome, and we suggest them for the day.  As far as it concerns the night, become then a sexy lady, wearing long dresses with split skirts. Your legs will be enhanced and you will just look like a diva !


By Krizia Ribotta

Stay in style in Milan

Couple of weeks ago Giorgio Armani opened his flagship hotel in Milan in an unpretentious atmosphere due to the Italian financial crisis.the-exterior-of-the-Armani-Hotel-in-via-Manzoni-Milan
Not the best of time in fact to boast a luxurious. 11.000 Euros-per-night presidential suite… The hotel follows the opening of the Armani Hotel inDubai, within the Burji Khalifa Building, which is the world’s tallest building, and anticipates further similar projects by the designer in cities like Marrakech, London, Shanghai and New York.

restaurant-at-the-Armani-Hotel-Milano Located in Via Manzoni, right in the heart of Milan, the Armani Hotel has 95 rooms. Guests can treat themselves to a seventh-floor panoramic restaurant with views on the Duomo and, after the efforts of an intense shopping session in the city, they can indulge in the pleasures offered by a gym, a relaxation pool, and a rooftop state-of-the art spa. What more can one ask for?

rooms-at-the-armani-Hotel-MilanInteriors are definitely one of my favourite subjects. Wherever I am, I always look at shapes, colours, fabrics, and all details. Here the concept is based on a sophisticated minimalism, which is also Armani’s signature in the realm of fashion. Clean lines and neutral tones dominate this space in the same way they dominate the designer’s collections.  I love the sense of effortless perfection that exudes from Armani’s designs, although I think that the same aesthetics applied to a hotel can create a cold atmosphere – and I like cosy places!  But of course, this is just my opinion, and it’s a fact that the Armani is an absolutely beautiful hotel. So if you are planning to come to Milan keep it in mind, this is definitely and incredible place to be….