Dare to Wear: the heels & socks look

As seen on most fashion shows (and on almost all fashion blogs) one the trendiest ways to compliment in style your outfit  this season is using the nerdy combination of heels plus socks. We know that having a hint of socks peeking out from your shoes can seem totally weird, but it is actually a look very stylish! There are many different ways to  perform this combination with great results. Use knee-line, light-coloured socks  with pumps if you love wearing mini skirts in order to achieve an unpredictable sexy look; go for short heavy weight texture socks showing from your ankle boots for a cozy-casual look; combine a white, light, version of this unusual fashion accessory with platforms or peep-toe hells for a perfectly contemporary chic style.

Now that you know how, would you dare the look?

socks+heels 1 socks+heels2shoes +heels 5 sock+heels 3 socks+heels 4 socks+heels 6

Happy Valentine’s from Winter Wonderland

It has been snowing and snowing and snowing all over Italy in the past days and as this is not exactly a typical weather for this mediterranean land, we have all been surprised and enchanted by the beauty of the urban landscape suddenly transformed in a white winter wonderland. snow in milansnow in milan parco sempione

snow in rome

Such a perfect, romantic background for Valentine’s day!



Romantic, amazing, but cold , and I am never happy when I am cold! Luckily, there are so many winter accessories that we can use to keep warm, and, trust me, I have them all ! Scarves are definitely the most fashionable winter accessory this season, especially  bright coloured maxi scarves.  Colorful accessories in general are really trendy right now,  marvellous to face the cold and make the winter brighter… This outfits by Dior, really  warm and colourful, are just perfect for the coldest days of the year…

christian dior a/w 2011christian dior 2

This cutie here is also very accessorized for winter….

cutest ever!

Hope you are having an amazing , romantic , sexy Valentine’s Day !!!!