Highlights from Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week has ended a couple of days ago, and it’s  just the right time to spend some words on how amazing were the designs we have seen on the runways. On top of my list I would put D&G’s collection,  at least for these gorgeous  colorful  dresses, beautifully shaped out of  a foulard and very inspired by the  classic  Hermès  prints.

D&G ss 2012D&G ss 2012

Fendi was able to come up  with a really stylish, glamorous, and unique collection designed by Karl Lagerfield. Most of all, I love the haircut ! So so cool! I have decided  I must try it out…

fendi ss 2012fendi ss 2012

Very imaginative is  Moschino‘s  spanish inspired collection, based on a total black color scheme, with gold and white accents, and a lot of embroideries and accessories.  The black skinny trowsers and the gold sandals paired with it will definitely be a must have.

moschino ss 2012moschino ss 2012 bmoschino ss 2012

Love it or leave it, studs are the distinctive sign of Versace‘s 2012 Spring Summer collection.

versace ss 2012 c

Giorgio Armani‘s designs are  as usual the most sophisticated one can imagine, with a neutral,  pastel based colour palette. The cut of this dress is so perfect that  it could just be a sculpture . By the way, I am glad to see that one shoulder tops will still be on fashion next summer. I really love this cut.giorgio aemani ss 2012giorgio armani s s 2012

Just Cavalli‘s inspiration remains linked to animal prints,  fringes , and the wild west. The general look of his collection, no surprise being Cavalli’s,  is intended to be very sexy.

just cavalli ss 2012 justcavalli ss 2012 ajustcavalli ss 2012 c

On the opposite side, there is the classic, minimal, and monochrome collection by Max Mara.

max mara ss 2012 a

For next season Gucci suggests a seductive trend, with a lot of glitter and gold, very “Charleston”.  These are my favourite outfit by Gucci’ Spring Summer  2012.

gucci ss 2012 agucci ss 2012 b

So, here are my picks from Milan. How about you, is your wish list ready? xxx

Getting over my bag…

I am pretty sure that the guy who stole my bag on Sunday while I was enjoying the most relaxing day ever, is now having a good time with a)my money b)my mobile phone 3)my digital camera.  And, of course, he has probably offered his girlfriend my beautiful, essential, little Prada bag  AND Prada wallet, very precious to me as it contained many bits and pieces of my life, like loved passport sizes pictures, my very private notes, various little lucky charms that I normally like to bring along , and so on.

I don’t own all this any more, it’s really bad, and I have been furious for a while, but, hey, I am trying to get over it now, what else to do?

So, when it comes to bags, I have one believe, which is: Prada comes first, Gucci second, and everyone else follows from a distance. I know, it must be because I am italian!

I have heard a theory according to which your bag should be proportioned to your hight, as in a ‘petite’ looks better with a small bag like a clutch, while tall ladies should prefer larger bags like totes. Well, it makes sense to me, but only if you are really petite or, the other way round, very, very tall. For everything else in between I don’t think there is a rule, really….

 As for me, generally I like to wear larger bags during the summer, and smaller bags during the winter, when there are already so many layers on me, so to balance the total look. 

Printed bags are really in fashion now,  as you can tell by this selection of bags that  I would just  buy, right on the spot.prada,clutch

Ciao ciao xxx