Dare to Wear: the heels & socks look

As seen on most fashion shows (and on almost all fashion blogs) one the trendiest ways to compliment in style your outfit  this season is using the nerdy combination of heels plus socks. We know that having a hint of socks peeking out from your shoes can seem totally weird, but it is actually a look very stylish! There are many different ways to  perform this combination with great results. Use knee-line, light-coloured socks  with pumps if you love wearing mini skirts in order to achieve an unpredictable sexy look; go for short heavy weight texture socks showing from your ankle boots for a cozy-casual look; combine a white, light, version of this unusual fashion accessory with platforms or peep-toe hells for a perfectly contemporary chic style.

Now that you know how, would you dare the look?

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Heels we love…

Nothing can turn on a woman charm better than a nice pair of heels.  Shoes can tell a lot about us, and high heels in particular are a real powerful tool in the game of seduction. So, girls, don’t forget  to stock up on stilettos , more than ever during these festive season, to be perfectly organized for every special occasion that will require you to be sexy and glamorous!
I absolutely love the elegant extravagance of Jimmy Choo’s creations : design, colors and  details never fail to impress me.  Ankle boots covered in studs and strass, just amazing!  Sky-high  heels  that turn heads!


And how about these gorgeous pumps in lace with floral motifs?  The perfect  choice for  a special night, I would say….


One of this season’s  most imaginative model  comes from Alberto Guardiani,  the exquisite Italian shoe brand.  I  am talking about the amazing Flutterby shoes,  designed by Lady San Pedro, who was the winner of the “Cinderthriller” contest  launched by Guardiani.  In red suede, these shoes feature heels in a surprising and beautiful shape of a butterfly, hand painted in black and white. I think they are absolutely gorgeous, and I love the contrast between the simple line of the “décolleté” and the complex motif on the heels,  altogether a  very glamorous concept. Have you ever dreamt about having wings ? Now you can wear them, on your feet!


by Alessia Capone

Who likes animal prints?

Animal prints have been around for a very long time and  are still a fashion trend.  The “animalier” look, as the French say, is actually a classic  in fashion. Used as an exotic touch, animal prints can add sophistication and interest to any outfit. Zebra, cheetah, leopard and similar patterns are clearly very eye-catching, hence the best way to wear them will be in small doses, just like an accent to a monochromatic or neutral outfit. The trick here is to keep it simple and never over do it, unless your name is Roberto Cavalli, but then is a totally different story. Roberto Cavalli is the master of animal prints.  Most of his collections are dominated by these bold, graphic motives, printed on light and precious fabrics, like silk.  The overall effect never fails to be very chic and stylish, as you can tell by these photos from Cavalli’s Spring Summer lookbook:




I love animal print in accessories, especially bags.





There is a psychology behind loving or hating animal prints. Because wild animal motives are very suggestive, there is always a risk of looking too seductive when wearing them, and/or too overpowering.  At the same time there is also a fun side in animal prints, just think about all the fancy dress costumes that they can inspire, which is another reason why some people are not so keen on wild animal patterns. While this style is considered “a bit too much” by most people and can be a “fashion taboo” for a few of us, it’s perfect if you have a strong personality and can handle being a bit daring with your outfits!


(Michael Kors Spring Summer 2012)





(Salvatore Ferragamo Spring-Summer 2012)